Les aventures musicales de deux potes

Les aventures musicales de deux potes

dimanche 23 juillet 2017

Oliver Buckland - Pendent (2017)

Today, let's talk about classical music with a young and very talented english composer named Oliver Buckland, whom we discovered on soundcloud with this brillant track, "Pendent". Here, the composition is performed by the Coniston Trio, composed of Whyn Chan (piano), Kevin Saw (violin) and Eliza Carew (cello).

     "Pendent" comes from the idea of the pendulum movement, where fourth and fifth alternate in the piano, in an ostinato which is like uncompleted. This creates the sensation that the composition is being built bit by bit inside our ears. The piece is full of simplicity and delicacy, and the tone alternates only between this two chords like it's undecided on the melodic way to follow. But, in fact, it's a smart way to create and expand the listener's desire, to bring to the fineness of the crescendo, and to introduce the violin and the cello in complex polyrythm and dissonance. This scathing dissonance collides with the harmony of the beginning and contributes to build a very contrasting ambience, made by dephasing and resynchronisation. This is enhanced by the violence of the musicians interpretation
  Then, a variation of melody and rythm continues to create this contrast, drawing from many inspiration from classical music (Astor Piazzola), to the contemporary music of Philip Glass and mostly Steve Reich.

     It is hard to avoid thinking about the minimalist music of the pioneer Steve Reich, especially his Music For 18 Musicians, in this simple melodic ostinato which is gradually enriched, melodically and rythmically. This compositional mode can also be compared to the way house music is created and crafted. That's probably this parallel with a familiar music style that attracted me in the first place. In fact, the compositional process seems to be similiar to house tracks because this short ostinato is looping like a sample, and evolves like a piece of music cut and pasted and modified with electronic music tricks. A good example of that is found in some musical patterns that we can hear played straight and then reversed. We also ear the inspiration of Steve Reich in the use of polyrythm, reminding his "phasing music" concept.

     This link with electronic music and its processes becomes crystal clear when we dig in Oliver Buckland's soundcloud where he proposes classical compositions as much as electronic or pop tracks, which prove his unbounded talent. We were especially impressed by Pinkover, which evolves in a surreal ambience mixed between ragtime and video games. He also realesed two electronic albums, Ten and Twenty, and various other electronic and classical projects and EPs in his soundcloud.

     So, it's an ambitious but accessible work which grow on you, a track that we can appreciate again and again. The kind of sound which becomes an obsession that helps you pursue your long evening (night?) of work or study.

     To better understand and put into perspective this wonderful work, we have been fortunate enough to exchange with Oliver Buckland. Therefore we will shortly propose you, on this blog, an exciting interview about "Pendent" and Oliver's other works, that Alex will introduce to you very soon. 

All his music is available on his soundcloud account. Have a nice listen !


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